Our flavors

NOTE !: Flavours must not be used in their concentrated form. They are intended solely for flavouring.

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Our liquid flavours are sugar-free and water-soluble, i.e. they do not contain disaccharides or cane sugar, sacharose, or
simple sugars such as fructose, glucose or galactose.

The active ingredients or flavour concentrates are enriched with propylene glycol and are thus water-soluble.

For technological reasons, many foods are nowadays aromatized to make the product more interesting or as not to lose the flavor which can be the result of
the technological process. Natural aromas as opposed to artificial flavourings are often used as there are not so many guidelines and restrictions.

The admixture of aromas is according to your own preferences. It also stands to reason that you will not immediately find your favorite taste.
In the food industry, elaborate test series are carried out in order to achieve the best possible blend of the necessary flavours.

You can not usually do this by mixing yourself, so we want to give you a few tips in order to hit the right choice.

Start with small quantities so as not to waste too much of the precious flavour. Do not add more than 2% of our flavours to create your mix.

If the taste is not intense enough, you can add a drop of concentrate until you reach your favorite taste.
However, it should not exceed a total of 5%.

This is however only a recommendation that applies to most users.
However, we have also met users who have worked with up to 10% admixture.

This is only a subjective recommendation, but experimentation is also part of our culture.

Our Liquids are treated with 5%!